Our mission

Committed to creating fun & quality
without sacrificing authenticity.

The following five guiding principles illustrate Beyond the Summit's values and beliefs.

These principles guide our decisions, how we engage with communities, and our company culture.

Make it

We want to create lasting memories. The best work is evergreen, living on in the hearts and minds of the fans, players, and talent even after the credits roll and the lights shut off.


There is no universal profile that represents all gamers.

That’s why we aim to be inclusive of the diverse, global gaming community. Everyone who attends gaming events, works in our industry, and tunes into a stream deserves to be treated with kindness and respect.


Community is at the heart of everything we do. Our events should be a platform for gamers to celebrate what makes them special. We focus on interactive entertainment and collaboration with the community in the content we create.

Listen & communicate

We value an open minded environment where dialogue flows freely. Every employee can contribute their perspective to all aspects of our company.

We strive to bring the best ideas to life, and we want to ensure that they are heard. This philosophy extends beyond our walls to the communities we engage, from fans and artists to administrators and creatives.

your roots

Since 2012, we have awarded millions of dollars in prize money and produced hundreds of events featuring top teams and talent across many titles. Yet we have not forgotten our humble beginnings and those who helped make our dream possible. Esports is constantly evolving, but it is important to never lose sight of how we all began our journeys.

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