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Beyond the Summit creates events and shows that are fun and authentic without sacrificing quality.

We make unique content that resonates better with audiences. We get more out of players and talent at our shows.

BTS is an industry leader in viral esports content.


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Founded in 2012, Beyond the Summit began as a DOTA 2 casting project and grew thanks to grassroots community support to become the world’s premier DOTA 2 studio.

In recent years, we have expanded into many other games and today work closely with a variety of game developers, brands, and tournament organizers across the globe.


Beyond the Summit is one of the world’s largest esports networks with over 16 billion lifetime minutes watched and the 5th most viewed Twitch channel of all time.

BTS broadcasts are distributed in over 110 countries on both linear TV and digital outlets and boasts 3.5 Million total followers across its social media platforms.


Beyond the Summit aims to showcase the community authenticity and humor that makes each gaming scene memorable.

Our mission is to bring our authentic, humorous style to new gaming communities. In doing so, we strive to showcase the people and personalities behind the names and build viewer engagement on another level from traditional esports events.


If you don’t see your specialty listed here, but you have years of professional experience, are really talented at what you do, and possess a skillset that would help us create better products and experiences for our customers, submit your resume and cover letter to the email listed below. We are happy to be convinced that we need you, but the onus is on you to do so!