BTS events are made financially possible in large part due to viewership on official BTS channels. Unauthorized co-streams do not help pay for our events and can impact our ability to continue producing content you enjoy.

During the Event

BTS events are only allowed to be co-streamed by licensed distribution partners. If you are interested in co-streaming an upcoming BTS event, please contact our sales department at

If you do not have a license, you may only restream the audio portion of our live event, and you may not promote your own sponsors during your restream (logos, video ads, Twitch banners, chatbot ads, etc).

No video footage from our event may be visible on your stream. We recommend putting a timer on your stream so that your chat can sync your audio to the video on our BTS channel!


After a BTS livestream concludes, individual streamers and community figures may utilize our audio and video on their channels so long as their content is non-commercial and transformative.

We just ask that you link our Twitter and Twitch channel in your video descriptions if you choose to do so.

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