Our passionate team of broadcast professionals is dedicated to creating memorable moments for viewers and attendees alike.

Innovation is in our blood; from broadcast hardware to creative segments, we push the envelope of production possibility and polish with every show.


The Beyond the Summit studios lie in the heart of sunny Southern California. Our facility is custom-built to host gaming tournaments, live events, studio shows, custom activations, viewing parties, and many other forms of entertainment.

Gaming Tournaments

Live Events


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Client Shows

Production Capabilities

  • Full 1080p60 Production Pipeline
  • Flexible Plug & Play A/V Routing Infrastructure
  • Live In-ear Comms
  • Instant Replay
  • Single and Multi-Camera Productions
  • Clean Feeds + Multi-Destination Streaming
  • Wireless, low-latency A/V options
  • High-quality local recordings
  • Modular Control Rooms (can execute shows with anywhere from 2-11 production staff)
  • Library of copyright-friendly music and audio assets
  • Dedicated editing + post-production suites
  • Lean, portable production solutions that deliver exactly what you need
  • Thorough pre-production to ensure end product meets expectations
  • On-demand inventory of broadcast gear for every show application (lights, cameras, mics, mixers, PCs, etc)

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Whether in studio or on-the-road, BTS consistently surpasses client expectations while staying on budget.

We offer custom solutions for esports, gaming, and livestream events across the US and overseas.

At BTS, we believe every broadcast should look and feel unique.

That’s why we are proud to have developed a proprietary inhouse graphics playout solution.

Through Tiny.IO and our talented design team, we can create fully customized on-screen overlays, motion graphics, visual styles and aural accompaniments to bring your show vision to life and maintain viewer interest throughout each and every show.

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