Our story


BTS Twitch Channel Registered


BTS established with $38,000 in crowdfunding


First DOTA Summit in original BTS house


First Smash Melee Summit


First cs_summit

20 full-time employees

European studio opens


10,000th VOD published

Nearly 1 million MCC reached


BTS expands to 8+ titles

Opens 20k sq. ft. facility in LA


Single month record of 1 billion minutes watched


Ultimate Summit 3 sets largest Smash prize pool in history

2021 year in review

Beyond the Summit

We've worked with

Event Recap
2015 Dota Asia Championship filmed by BTS Content Team (Shanghai, China)

Event Recap
2015 Dota Asia Championship filmed by BTS Content Team (Shanghai, China)


BTS now holds the record for the top three largest singles Smash prize pools in the game’s history


Smash Summit 11


Smash Ultimate Summit 3


Smash Summit 5

BTS was one of the first studios to open its doors post-pandemic, safely and successfully to host in-person tournaments in 2021.

Community engagement

Finding the best balance between running world-class tournaments, producing premium live broadcasts, and keeping our signature authentic & organic vibe that resonates deeply with the gaming community at large.

Branding opportunities

Rotating logo

Your logo featured throughout the entire live broadcast.

Studio Rotating Logo

Your logo featured on a large digital display on the studio set.

Below Stream Banner

Clickable ad graphic links to your promotion or drives traffic directly to your website.

Chatbot Promotion

Often the feature with the highest viewer engagement, the Twitch live chat can promote your brand and linked campaign message on a timed regular post.

Additional activations

Beyond the Summit has developed a massive global following and reach across a wide range of esports and casual gaming communities.

Player Interaction

Beloved Smash players, Axe of Tempo Storm & Cloud9’s Mang0 share a laugh with commentators during Smash Summit 8

June 13 - 16, 2019

Themed Events

TI9 Hub, a 12-day, 24-hr, dual-location broadcast of qualifiers for The International Dota 2 championship. The broadcast set was transformed into a space station to go with this year’s space theme.

July 12 - 14, 2019

Gaming Inspired Promotion

We take the extra step to create game-inspired and gamer-sensitive activations, delivering our partner's commercial message in a fun, relevant, and homogeneous way.


“Enter Promo Code to get $5 off in your next 5 orders”

“Feeding” is a Dota 2 terminology describing an opponent being awarded gold for in-game item purchases, which enhances the opponent’s gameplay when one is killed by the opponent.

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