The International 2016 Qualifiers Coverage

With a total prize pool of over $12 million and growing, The International 2016 is shaping up to be the biggest LAN event to date. With that in mind, we’re pulling out all the stops to bring you the best of the qualifiers.

Once again, Beyond The Summit will be flying in commentators and personalities near and far to our studios in Los Angeles, California. From there, we will broadcast games from all four regions’ Open and Closed qualifiers. The Open Qualifiers will be kicking off June 21st (night of the 20th for you westerners), with the Regional Qualifiers right afterwards on June 25th.

When things start heating up, we’ll keep you updated with an analyst panel and some new and improved Multicast production value! If you need a break from all of the Dota, we’ll have a livestream dedicated to fun and games on the side.

But what would a hub be without its people? Let’s take a look at the talent!

The International Qualifier Hub Talent


Baby Blaze

Mr. Roo

Multicast Stream: BeyondTheSummit

Fun Stream: BeyondTheSummit2

Regional Coverage: BeyondTheSummit3 through BeyondTheSummit6

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