Summit 4 Open Qualifiers by Faceit!

Beginning today anyone with a Faceit account can sign up for their chance to compete in The Summit 4 Open Qualifiers! Don’t have a Faceit account? It’s free to sign up, here.

Over the course of two grueling days open qualifier teams compete in a single elimination best of one format for a chance at the regional finals. After the competition is defeated and the winning teams emerge. Teams will move onward to their respective regional invite qualifiers. On September 26th signups will close and the brackets will commence.

Players will have an option to sign up as an individual, a partial team, or a full pre-made. Interested in signing up? Chose your region below!


Europe Begins:

Sept. 26, 2015  –  15:00 CEST

EU sign

America Begins:

Sept. 26, 2015  –  15:00 EDT

AM sign

SEA Begins:

Sept. 26, 2015  –  15:00 SGT

SEA sign


Additional rules, scheduling and other info is available via the “Rules” tab on each region’s signup page.

Good luck, have fun!



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  • MG

    Dota2 go go

  • Li`Ve

    Good luck

  • Bloodbath

    How does the individual sign up work? Do you have to be a certain MMR and do you get match with other people to make a team?

  • hernan espindola


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