Hail to the King’s Cup

King’s Cup: America

King’s Cup: America is the newest North and South American Dota 2 league which features seven invited teams and one open qualifier winner. All matches will be broadcast live from the Beyond the Summit studios in Los Angeles with analysis and entertainment by some of the best American Dota experts. Be prepared for big plays and epic fails from your favorite American goons, both inside the game and out. We will also have a new show featuring role swaps, pub reports, and bonus content to go hand-in-hand with the game play. The winner of King’s Cup will receive a special direct invite to the BTS Minor, DOTA Summit 8, before regional qualifiers begin in November.


League matches will be played in a round robin of two game series. The top four teams will advance to a single elimination playoff bracket. The playoff matches will be Best of Three with a Best of Five Grand Finals.



Digital Chaos




Team Leviathan


Open Qualifier



Open qualifiers begin September 4th at 3pm PDT/6pm EDT. Click here to sign up on FACEIT!

League play begins September 6th at 10am PDT/1pm EDT

Playoffs will be September 19th & 20th


Catch all the action live on the BTS Twitch channel!

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