DotaTV247 & BTS Team up!

We are pleased to announce our partnership with DotaTV247!

DotaTV247 is a 24/7 Dota 2 viewing experience on Twitch where viewers can follow their favorite professional Dota 2 players and personalities throughout their live public matchmaking experience. This Twitch experience allows viewers to vote on which games to watch, toggle between different graphs, and even follow a specific player’s perspective through the viewing client. Popular players in the current live game are highlighted in the stream title and chat, with additional chat commands allowing viewers to control their viewing experience and pickup additional information.

Beyond the Summit has always been heavily involved in exploring and pushing new Dota 2 content. From growing new commentators and talent in the scene to coming up with new, unique event formats such as The Summit, we enjoy creating and supporting new endeavors within Dota 2. By offering our support to DotaTV247, we aim to enhance their product and provide live commentary during certain hours for viewers to enjoy with the game-play. We hope to see their channel continue to grow and reach bigger audiences with their interactive Twitch experience as they grow alongside BTS.

“I started watching DotaTV247 at the start of this year and was incredibly impressed by the thought and care put into all the features on their channel,” said David “GoDz” Parker, Commentator at BTS. “We’re in a unique position where we can work with them to help their channel grow and reach a larger audience while also trying out ways to even further improve the content for their audience. We’re excited to see where this partnership goes.”

You can view & watch DotaTV247 at Enjoy!

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