Announcing cs_summit

Beyond The Summit is proud to announce cs_summit, our first-ever event for Counter Strike: Global Offensive!

At cs_summit, eight of the world’s best CS:GO teams will descend upon sunny Los Angeles from April 19-23, 2017 to compete for $100,000+ in prizemoney. Teams will be selected through a combination of direct invites and online qualifiers planned for early February 2017. More details on invites, qualifiers, and talent will be announced in the coming months!

First Invite

About The Summit

Similar in nature to TakeTV’s Homestory Cup, The Summit tournament series is designed as a “behind-the-scenes” style event. When players aren’t actively competing, they enjoy a much more active role in the broadcast than what is normally seen at a traditional live event. Ultimately, BTS wants to give players a platform to connect more directly with fans and to share the personalities, insight, & humor behind the names.

The Summit series began in DOTA 2 in June 2014 with the DOTA Summit, an intimate tournament hosted out of a private house in the Greater Los Angeles area. Since the original Summit, BTS has run a total of 11 house-style events and expanded the event concept to other games, beginning with Super Smash Brothers: Melee in November 2015.

If you’re not familiar with our tournament concept, you can check out some of the video content produced at recent iterations of the Summit for other games to get a better feel for what The Summit is all about:

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