The Boston Major Hub by Beyond The Summit

The Boston Major is rapidly approaching and while several teams will be directly invited to the event, many others will be battling it out around the globe for a chance to compete. Beyond The Summit will provide light coverage of the Boston Major open qualifiers, which run October 23rd-26th, but then things are going to get spooky.

On the days leading up to Halloween, the major’s regional qualifiers will be played. Beyond The Summit has flown in some of your favorite ghouls and ghosts to commentate matches from each of the regions. The European qualifiers will be broadcast live from Sweden while the American and Asian qualifiers will be streamed from our studios in Los Angeles, California.

Between the games, we’ve got a variety of tricks and treats in store for you, so make sure to tune in October 27th-30th!

European Coverage

American Coverage

Asian Coverage

American/Asian stream: BeyondTheSummit

European stream: BeyondTheSummit2

Simultaneous Regional coverage: BeyondTheSummit3 & BeyondTheSummit4

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